A Bridal Shower Umbrella

Bridal Shower Umbrella Mar15 (5)

Hi bloggies!

Well … I didn’t get back the other night! My computer was being too temperamental! But … guess what! Gav went out on Saturday and came home with a new Windows Surface Touch Screen computer/tablet!! Yay! I was thrilled because it was so unexpected! I cannot believe how unbelievably quick it is! But … of course … it takes time to set up a new computer the way you like it … and load programs and set up email etc etc … so I wasn’t able to get back right away! I still don’t have emails but can access them on my iPad … so all good! Gav is going to set up my emails tonight! In the meantime … I seem to have mislaid the photos of the card I made for Peyton! I know I was trying to upload them the other night but now I am searching and can’t find them! I think something has happened in transferring files. But … I will take some more and show you sometime soon. Instead, today I have a bridal shower card I made for a sweet niece!

Bridal Shower Umbrella Mar15 (2)

Bridal Shower Umbrella Mar15 (4)This was a simple die cut paper pieced design with lots of pretty punched hearts. The DSP is an oldie but goodie … and old time favourite that I still have some sheets stashed away. I love these colours together! I scattered a few pearls around to add some “pretty”! I like to try and make two of each card now. One to use immediately and one to go in my stash. My kids often raid my stash to find cards for friends etc so I am always glad to have a few extra in my stash!

Bridal Shower Umbrella Mar15 (1)Anyway … Gav is waiting to set up my email account so I have to hand over my computer! I will try and get back with that baby card! Hope you are having a great week! Hugs xxx

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  1. Lynda S says:

    Sigh Andrea…….you still make my heart skip a beat with your magical creations. This is so v v speccy and the umbrella is delish ooxx


  2. This is wonderful. I really like all the little hearts tumbling down.


  3. Kim S says:

    New computers – a blessing and a curse!! I’m dealing with a new one right now for a different reason. My eldest son, who just graduated from high school, has decided to take a gap year. We’re totally OK with that since colleges will defer a year – but his original plan was to sit at home and work part time. Not so OK with that. But we have a small condo in the mountains – so he’s moving and paying rent to us. The place is stocked with linens, towels, kitchen stuff, etc. – but not a computer, nor even internet. We agreed he could take the family computer for a monthly payment, AND he had to find me an acceptable replacement. It’s gone well so far in setting it up – the biggest problem is remembering all of my passwords again!

    LOVE your card. The mass of hearts in various patterns is absolutely charming. I have that patterned paper stashed away too – I think I’ll be CASing your shower card!


  4. Reva Brightman says:

    Hi Andrea, this parasol card is simply charming. Still catching up on newsletters from you. So happy I saved your letter from June not sure what the computer has been up to while we were gone. I know I posted last night but don’t know where it went. Anyway congrats on new granddaughter. Hope Sheree has totally bounced back from the long period of labor.
    Hugs and smiles Reva


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