Peyton’s Baby Card


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Hi bloggies!

I finally found my photos of the card I made for Peyton’s birth! It was still on my old computer but hadn’t backed up on my hard drive! Go figure! So I have spent a little time sorting photos and downloading some new ones and have a gazillion things to show you. Now I just need the time to share!

photo10706 So … this was a labour of love! We didn’t know whether Sheree & Murray’s baby was going to be a pink one or a blue one … so I made one of each! Maybe I can use the blue one for Stacey & Jono’s baby which is due Aug 26???? I found this design on Pinterest Baby Cardand if you follow the web link (Click photo on right) to the original page you will find a printable template. But … you will be limited to using the images that are on the template. I wanted to stamp and decorate my own images so I spent an hour or so designing my own template using a Nestabilities die and a hand cut (paper trimmer) base. It took a little while and the original design was far too small so I had to start again with a bigger die and bigger measurements! I will add that template to the end of this post … in case you would like to try this design.

Baby Card for Peyton Jun15 (1)

Baby Card for Peyton Jun15 (3)

Hope you are all having a great day! Off to upload some more card photos onto my puter to edit ready for sharing! See you soon. Thanks for your patience! And a BIG HUG to my faithful friends who have stuck with me during all the delays.

PS: Oops! I forgot to add the template … but am in bed now and I need to photograph it! I will try to remember to do that tomorrow! xx

Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart



  1. Two wonderful cards. Hope the next addition arrives safe and well 🙂 Have a great weekend.


    1. Andrea says:

      Hi Vicki! So glad to see you! I am beginning to think I have lost all my old blog friends because of my recent, frequent absences (totally my fault) and my total lack of blog hopping (also totally my fault) … but here YOU are! Thanks so much for your encouragement. Am adding another card tonight … hope you pop back soon. Hugs xxx


    2. Andrea says:

      Ooops! What happened to that card I promised? It is STILL in my draft box! Will post it now! xx


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