Spring Flowers – Thinking of you!




D22DD6DE-2611-47BC-9344-2A1C6B977BD5Hi guys!

A bit of a surprise today … my blog post is a “Spark Page” … click this link to view …..

Link includes a few snaps from our Hamilton Island holiday!





And … an even bigger surprise that happened while we were away.

Sandy and Sami
click photo for detail

Sandy & Sami are engaged!!! We are thrilled … but I am also sad at the anticipation of our last little bird leaving the nest! It was a very romantic place to get engaged … Hamilton Island is just beautiful. By the time this post pops up we will be on our way home.

Hugs xxx




  1. Lynda S says:

    Such a stunning array of cards Andrea…..and Hamilton is PERFECT. My Brother and Sister have been there and rave about it too.
    Over the moon happy and Sandy……….Massive milestone and a wonderful surprise ooxx

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    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks, Lynda. We LOVED Hamilton Island! Such a relaxed vibe and gorgeous weather. Yes … a wonderful surprise … but I am feeling a little sad about how quickly time has passed and my chickens have grown up! Blink and it will be your turn too! Hugs xx


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