Life …


NOTE: Sticky post … scroll down for more recent (but irregular) posts.

Don’t give up on me … I will be here whenever life allows!

But … sadly, life has changed for me and I have to accept that my blog will be taking a lower level of priority for a while. You can read why HERE, if you are interested.

I WILL BE adding card photos and family news from time to time but as this will be infrequent and random … can I suggest you might like to subscribe to my blog so you will know when I have posted? 

I will still be adding my cards to my Instagram account regularly, if you would prefer to follow me there??? enchantink_aus

Hugs xxx 

Andrea heart

PS: This beautiful painting can be found at http://www.heatherleechanDOTcom/ladies–friendship.html


  1. Lynda S says:

    Dearest girl, I know you have a very heavy heart at the moment but know you have someone out there that is thinking of you and sending you heaps of love, strength and determination to help you thru. Remember I am only a message away. MWAH ooxx ❤ ooxx

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    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks Lynda! You are such a sweet friend! Hugs xxx


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