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Updated July 2018 …

Hi everyone!

Gav & Andrea … May 2018

I am an Aussie mum of 5 – happily married since 1983 to “tbhitw” (the best hubby in the world – Gavin) I live in Calderwood (Shellharbour City) in NSW, Australia – on a 100 acre “pretend” farm … in a stunning part of the world. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls & 2 very special boys  – Stacey (’86), Shane (’88), Sheree (’90), Skye (’92) & Sandy (’98)!  Plus I have 3 goofy but much loved son-in-laws, Jono (’86), Murray (’89) & Mitch (’90) and a sweet daughter-in-law Stacey – yes … another Stacey!! (‘90) and a soon-to-be D-I-L Sami (‘97). Sandy & Sami’s wedding is coming up in November 2018. To top that off I now have 5 gorgeous grandchildren – Bree (2011), Seth (2013) & Mackenzie (2015) and Peyton (2015) & Jordan (2018). I have two lovely sisters – one is my twin! Both my family & my hubby’s families are very close. We all share a special bond in Christ and are committed to honouring him in our lives. A year of change ahead … continue reading below …

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This year (2018) is a year of HUGE change (highs and lows) and I find I often retreat to my craft desk to help me forget about all the changes. Card making is so therapeutic! 🤪 I will be fine … Gav keeps reminding me of all the exciting adventures we have ahead. Our last “baby”, Sandy, is getting married in November to Sami and we will be “empty nesters” … especially as Muz, Ree & Peyton have recently moved out after 4 years of being with us. They have a brand new baby (Jordan) and we have another grand baby due in November. Skye & Mitch are moving to TANZANIA for 4 years to teach in an International school and hopefully adopt a baby … something not even on the radar 6 months ago … but the departure date is rushing up fast! (25 Aug). I am thankful they will be able to come home for the wedding and holiday in November. Muz & Ree will move into S&M’s house (newly built Dec ‘17) and look after it while they continue to save for a home of their own. Shane & Stace also move in a couple of weeks into their apartment to settle before their baby arrives. Jono & Stace are settled and happy with their 3 gorgeous kids. And … to top of all that … we will be relocating from our farm for 2 years while site works are done on our property (100 acres) as part of a new housing development. We will return to just 2 1/2 acres! We are sad about that … but thankful for the financial blessing it will eventually be (over the next 15 years of the development). I wish things could stand still … but that is life! Anyway … that is a bit of an update for those who have been on my blog adventure with me for several years! My last update was 5 years ago!! It was well overdue!

Shane & Stacey’s wedding June 2017 – St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong
MBP_1023 (2)
Mitch & Skye’s Wedding – Jan 2014 – Djindi (our farm)
Sheree & Murray Wedding - (Jeneen) (2)
Murray & Sheree’s Wedding – Dec 2012 – Novotel North Beach, Wollongong
Family at S&J's wedding
Jono & Stacey’s Wedding – Dec 2006 – Ravensthorpe, Albion Park
Our extended family (minus a couple) at Shane & Stacey’s wedding June 2017 – Gavin’s side
Our extended family (minus a couple) at Shane & Stacey’s wedding June 2017 – Andrea’s side

I hope you find my cards a help for ideas in your own little creative part of the world. I love sharing my designs … I am so glad you stopped by! It is always a thrill to me to meet new blog friends … so I do hope you will leave a comment on one of my recent posts and say hi!

I treasure every one of my blog friends!!!

Email:  enchantinkATgmailDOTcom


  1. Stacey says:

    Go mum!! You’re more net savvy than me!! I like the photo you put up. And scrap the “self-taught” stuff- its just natural ability!!
    So am I your first comment-maker?


  2. Christine says:

    Your blog looks great so far. I hope you have time to add to it as I am really looking forward to seeing what you will add!
    Your addictiveness is obviously catching. I have really enjoyed being one of your “groupies” trying to get to as many workshops/demos as I can. It’s so much fun learning a new technique each time. It’s amazing how many different things you can do with stamps! I think I am ready to throw out most of my other card making paraphanalia (is that how you spell it?) and just confine myself to stampin up – it’s so versatile! Thanks for introducing me to this! (Though don’t tell Ian how much I’ve spent!)
    Everyone I send home made cards to are so impressed! I think it means a lot when someone gets a unique card “made with love”!


  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks Stace & Christine for my first posts!!! Your encouragement & enthusiasm is just fantastic. I hope you check back often for my regular updates!
    Stampin’ Hugs


  4. Sue says:

    Yet again you have excelled love your blog. One small problem with your new career is I have to stamp to see you (just kidding)
    Good Luck

    Sue x


  5. Melissa says:

    Andrea, your blog looks fabulous! Your passion for Stampin’ Up is definitely rubbing off on me and everyone else 🙂 – I love everything about Stampin’ Up, and one thing I particularly enjoy about it is that it’s a great way to share quality times with your friends. I wish you all the best with everything! Can’t wait to see what you are up to next!

    Mel xoxoxo


  6. Julie says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I can’t believe how talented you are. I feel quite pathetic. Very impressed with your page/blog? Wished I could have made it on Saturday to your open house. I have been having fun with my stampin up stuff – thought I had been getting a bit done, until I saw the photoes of all your work. Hope to catch up with you soon.
    Love Julie.


  7. Jono says:


    I only have one criticism.
    If you had a photo with ME in it, your sales would increase like 200%



  8. Andrea says:

    So … Jono … the pic is there! Happy now???
    Hugs, Andrea


  9. Julie says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I think the photo of Jon looks really great, I am positive it will increase your sales dramatically. He is so good looking. I believe he takes after his mother. Hope you are all feeling better.
    Love Julie A.

    Andrea adds: For those who haven’t yet worked it out … Julie A is Jono’s mum!!! 🙂


  10. Tanya Kitto says:

    Andrea you have a lovely & very happy family there. You lucky girl 🙂
    Andrea adds: Yes … Tan … am very blessed! 😀


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