GEN 12 Andrea 2

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  1. Bianca Picinali says:

    Hello, I was looking through the cards on your site and noticed the letter stamps on the final card. I think they were the Defining Alphabet stamps (as it was listed below), and I was just wondering whether it was possible to purchase a set of them. Or if you would be able to tell me where I could buy some of those please. I have been looking for alphabet stamps in capital letters that are a decent size and when I saw those they immediately looked perfect. If you could help me out it would be much appreciated, Thank you.
    Andrea adds: Hello Bianca! Unfortunately your comment didn’t link properly to my post … but linked instead to my signature picture. So … I can’t work out which post you are referring to! I hope you will pop back and let me know the name of the post … and try to describe which card … so I can let you know about the stamp set! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you will be a ‘frequent flyer’ … because I love meeting new blog friends! Hugs xxx


  2. Linda Duensing says:

    I check your blog daily and really like your projects. I especially like the birthday card that you made for you f-i-l, It’s Your Birthday. I know that you live in Australia, but am wondering if you know where I might purchase the stamp. Thanks for your assistance.

    Linda D.


  3. Monika/buzsy says:

    Hello Andrea. Just popping in to check on you. Hope everything is going well with you and you are just busy with life… hope we can see your wonderful creations again very soon! Happy New Year! Monika


    1. Andrea says:

      So nice to have you pop by, Monika! Thanks for caring enough to check up on me! The last few months have been constant … Full of the expected & the unexpected! But … All is well. My daughter’s wedding is this week! (11th Jan) and … Then I am looking forward to life quietening down a little! Will put some cards on pinterest soon … And may even find time for some blogging! Have been keeping up with your creations via Feedly … Will try & leave some blog love soon! Take care, dear friend … And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    Hi Andrea… just popping in to check what’s new with you… miss your blog posts. Hope all is well and you are just busy with your sweet family. Thinking of you! Monika


    1. Andrea says:

      Hey Monika! Thanks for your support! I finally posted a blog post today! Hope you enjoy! Haven’t blog hopped for ages … hope to pop by and say hello asap! Hugs xxx


  5. Jean says:

    What paper did you use for your white anniversary card from 3/22/16. It looks like an ombre paper.


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