Happiness is stamping with friends!


Don’t forget ……….

Hi bloggies!

You may remember … that recently I passed my 200,000 hits milestone. And … I wanted to share this moment with all those who had helped me to reach this amazing landmark! This blog award is for EVERYONE who has left a comment / blog love for me during the last 3 1/2 years. Your contributions have touched me and encouraged me … and I wanted to “show the love” back to you. There is however, one condition!!! You must ‘PAY THIS FORWARD‘ on your blog … to at least 3 of your blog friends who have encouraged you in your blog journey!

I haven’t seen this award (below) posted on any of my friends’ blogs yet … so I thought I would give you all a friendly reminder … especially to those who left comments on my “Thanks SO MUCH” post celebrating my huge milestone!

Thanks again for all your support! I hope to visit some of your blogs and spread some love again soon! Hugs xx



Thanks SO MUCH!

My 2nd post for today … but … I just had to stop by to add a special post because I wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all my bloggies (that’s “Andrea” for “Blog Buddies”) for your wonderful, support, love and loyal friendship. I am so thrilled to have reached this milestone … and I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that I have met through my blog.

A SPECIAL thank you to those who have taken the time to leave comments and who have shared my creative ups & downs … my family dramas … and have been here constantly to encourage.  My bloggies are incredibly supportive and I feel very blessed to have met you all. I am so excited to still be blogging … and would never have expected to have met so many amazing people when I first began back in May 2008. Thank you for being part of this wonderful adventure! 

Please stop and take the time to say hi today (leave a comment). It will mean a lot to me … and for all those who do … my way of saying thank you … is to pass on this award that I found recently. I will be sure to reply to your comments and I hope you all realise what a wonderful inspiration each of you have been to me. Enjoy this “Spreader of Love” award! Thank you for helping me to reach this amazing milestone! 



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Stampin’ & Bloggin’ Hugs xxx Andrea xxx


A Quick Hello!

Hi bloggies!

Thanks so much for your patience! I have had a HUGE weekend … and am feeling pretty knackered today … but … I did have a fabulous time at our “Clayton’s Convention” at Leonie’s! Phew! Did we ever make the most of our stamping time …

Look at all the gorgeous projects that I have to share with you over the coming days/weeks. We learnt some new techniques … and did some punch art … played some challenges … CASEd some of Leonie’s cards … played Bingo … competed for Prize Patrol … ate heaps of yummies … and shared lotsa giggles! We talked and talked … and stamped and danced and just had a fun girly weekend. I will add a slide show of some of the photos below … but before I do … I just wanted to share two other photos …

This is the gift that Fi sent to Bree (via me!) I am just so amazed at the kindness of my blog friends. And … without realising … Fi had used Stacey’s fav Bible verse! 😀 Isn’t this just gorgeous??? And … look at my collection of cards … all congratulating me on becoming a “Nandy”. (Nana Andy) Aren’t I spoilt???

So … here is a snapshot of the weekend …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will try and get back later with a project from the weekend … so keep watching!!! 😉 (No promises, though!) 😀 I have a bit to catch up on here … but at least I DID go to the gym this morning!!! Had to work off those weekend indulgences! Have a nice day … everyone! Hugs xxaxx


25 Days of Christmas – Day #17

Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance – each beautiful, unique and too soon gone.

Hi there everyone!

Well … today is a fun day for everyone! I am so glad you have popped by today … because you have either arrived from Nicole’s gorgeous blog (one of my favs!) OR you have  popped right into the middle of the Inkspirations “Wishing you Christmas Cheer” Christmas Gift Blog Tour! (That is a mouthful, isn’t it!) 😉 If you follow the links around the tour … you will end up back here! As the title suggests … there will be lots of lovely Christmas Gift ideas! I hope you enjoy the tour … and take the time to comment if you like what you see. The girls involved will be thrilled to get your feedback! 😀

I thought I would share a Christmas Gift Box that I have made this year as one of my gift wrapping projects. It is TOTALLY flukey that my Christmas Gift packaging this year kinda matches Keesh’s blog tour badge! Yep! I had these made before I knew the blog tour was happening! 😀

There are two ways you can make this box yourself. I have included the measurements for all the card & papers + a list of all other supplies & tools needed on my CARD RECIPE at the end of the post! You can click on this card recipe to enlarge & print! There are 2 differerent size boxes – with 2 lots of measurements available …

  1. The smaller size applies to the PDF template that I have supplied Click on pic below to open PDF!
  2. The larger size applies to the Picture template that I have supplied.  Click on pic below to open picture file … copy this file.

PDF Template

Picture Template












Can I suggest if you are using the Picture template … that you either open a new Word doc or Publisher doc … copy & paste the opened pic file (above) onto the doc … and enlarge it to totally fill the A4 size page … without losing the dimensions.  Print this directly onto A4 card. If that sounds a bit tricky … then just use the PDF file and open and print directly onto your card – you will just find this box is slightly smaller! I do hope that all makes sense??? Leave me a comment if you need help! 😀


If you would like to see the gift tags I created using this theme for this Christmas … then … scroll back to yesterday’s post. Or … would you like to see the FAB gift bags (one of which is a Keesh design from earlier this year!) which I have also created using the same theme as my gift tags and this gift box??? Then pop back tomorrow and I will share those with you! Here is a pic … to “whet your appetite”!

So … it is time to wander on over to Belinda’s pretty blog … to continue on the tour! Click on the ornament below to visit Belinda’s blog!  (Please note: links for this blog tour will open Friday 17th – 7pm Sydney AUSTRALIA time! ) 😀

Thanks so much for visiting! I am always thrilled to receive some “blog love” (comments) so feel free to stop for 1 sec more and say hi! 😀 I do reply to EVERY comment. (I always attach my reply to the original comment!!) 😀 My 25 Days of Christmas posts will continue tomorrow. I hope you will pop back again and say hi … again!! 😉 😀 Enjoy the rest of the tour!  😀 Hugs xxaxx

Back up – link to Belinda’s Blog: http://stampinbuzz.com/




Hello! Back from Melbourne & all “shopped out”!!!

Hi there!

I thought I would share some of my trip with you … BUT … feel free to “pass” on this post … if you are here for some stamping inspiration! 😀 I won’t take it personally! 😉 I do want to share a lovely card I received in the mail this week … so keep watching for my 2nd post … a little later today … if you like! 😀

Well … I am a tad tired today! 😯 Giggle! I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our break in Melbourne. It was sooooo special to have my 3 girls with me … and to share in this special time! This trip is part of our family tradition. Instead of our kids cruising up to the Gold Coast for “schoolies” … they have all chosen to go somewhere special … with either Gav or I. Gav & Shane spent 3 days in Canberra doing all the boy stuff … like go-carting / golf / lazer skirmish etc etc etc. And … I have had a treat with each of my girls shopping and enjoying a nice break in a lovely hotel. Stacey & I went to Melbourne with her best friend & mum. Sheree & I went to the Gold Coast (not during “schoolies”) with Jono’s (son-i-l) mum & sis. And … this last trip … was really special because Skye wanted her two sisters to come with us. It was such a treat to enjoy this time and create some wonderful memories.  It probably won’t be possible for many years to come … now that Stacey is about to be a mum. And … I think that helped to make it really special. I just wish I could share all the little memories & moments with you … but there are far too many to recount. So … I will just give a brief run down.

Thankfully, Stace left her camera in Skye’s handbag … so I do have some photos to share … I stole them off Stace’s memory card! 😉 I’m sure she won’t mind. (My camera is still out of action!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Highlights (in brief) …

  • The hotel!  The girls loved having a little (okay … A LOT of)  luxury … can’t imagine them ever camping again after this! 😉 They are all 5 star girls now!!! 😀
  • The shopping! We spent time at DFO South Wharf & Harbourtown Docklands … and it was just as well we allowed for room in our bags! 😀 I can tell you … by 3pm day 3 we were all “shopped out”. Totally exhausted! But … then … we did manage another hour or so to finish after recharging with a coffee.
  • Mary Poppins! Our major treat to celebrate Skye’ finishing school. It was magical … musical … exciting! Matt Lee was BRILLIANT as Bert (the smile on his face was such a delight!) … and Verity Hunt-Ballard was “practically perfect in every way” as Mary! The casting was fantastic … and the songs were so spectacular. We loved the tap dancing chimney sweeps … and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious act was amazing! We even had an hilarious ‘malfunction’ … when Mary Poppins came up onto the roof to meet Bert … and got stuck in the chimney!!!!!!! She was “bottom down” with her leg in the air … and still managed to powder her nose with a straight face and pretend that she was supposed to be standing!!!! The theatre laughed and laughed … and there was a 10 min break … before they got started again. Mary got a huge roar of applause … when she arrived up the chimney in one piece the second time! 😀
  • Maze Grill. Our fine dining experience … that was lotsa fun! If only we had allowed enough time to enjoy this Gordon Ramsay restaurant … but with a deadline (theatre) … we were a little too rushed to really take it all in properly. We had the best waiter who was very understanding and organised our meals really quickly … but … we did feel a little “out of our depth”! I’m sure we would have relished the challenge of this ritzy experience … if we could have spent a little more time there. Best salmon I have ever tasted … and Skye is still saying “oooooh … that chicken!!!” Everytime she thinks about that meal … she says that same phrase! So … it is a pity we didn’t have  a little more time to enjoy!
  • The pool! Again … if only we had a little more time to indulge … but this was still a FAB experience. Beautiful temperature … wonderful ambience … comfortable day beds! Just not enough time! (Perhaps we should have done a little less shopping … and a little more relaxing!) Yep! … we DID swim!
  • In room movie – “Killers” (Skye hadn’t seen this before … and it was a great choice on Tues night!)

Lowlights: (almost not worth mentioning … ‘cos we just didn’t let them spoil anything … in fact … they actually gave us a good giggle and added to the memories!)

  • Hayfever! Yes! According to the radio … the worst hayfever season in Melbourne in 20 years … and Sheree & I suffered greatly with runny eyes … itchy eyes & throat … and constant sneezing! Our asthma flared up (and neither of us have had probs for ages with our asthma!). It really did make us feel miserable at times. I felt “old, haggard & horrible” (a family joke) … because within minutes the make up was gone … and the eyelids were rubbed raw!!!! I am still recovering today … but it is a lot better.
  • Taxi break down!!! The concierge at the hotel flagged a cab for us to take downtown to the theatre. It took the cabbie about 5 mins to get the car started … and it did cross my mind that I hoped it didn’t break down at a traffic light on the way. Perhaps I should have insisted on another cab … ‘cos that’s exactly what happened! 😯 Thankfully we had almost completed our trip … but we did have to walk about 4 blocks up Exhibition Street to the Theatre … in high heels!!! 😦
  • Rain! We came out of the theatre to find it was raining … and struggled through the crowd and over to the centre of the road … where (on the way to the theatre) we had noticed a cab rank just up the road a little. So … there we were … huddled under two umbrellas in the middle of the street … getting splashed by passing cars … but NO CABS!!! They weren’t even taking the time to stop in the rank … they were picking up from directly outside the theatre! (DUH!!!) 🙄 So … we giggled back to the theatre and managed to flag down a cab. The cabbie was lovely … and made our trip back very pleasant! 😀
  • An hour wait on the tarmac … for our plane to leave Melbourne! We boarded … and then sat there for an hour!!! Apparently the rain was causing delays and traffic control kept bumping us back in the queue! So … we arrived home after midnight!!! Poor Gav had travelled up to Sydney an hour early … cos he didn’t get my message until after he was already on his way.
  • The bills! Yes … we did spend a little!!!!!! 😉 But … it was so nice for Gav to remind me … that the memories were “worth every cent”! Isn’t he just the best!!!

So … even though I could tell you lots of funny stories (like when Stace spilt her smoothie on her lap) 😉 … I will spare you from any more ramblings! 😀 We did have lots of laughs and … I have had the best 3 days with my best 3 girls! Keep watching for a 2nd post … with a lovely card that I received from Trish on Monday! Hugs xxaxx


A happy weekend!

Hello my friends!

I thought it was about time that I shared a few memories from my lovely weekend. When we were at Convention earlier this year … our group of 6 Convention buddies decided that since we were not going on the official SU! Incentive Trip this year … that we would have our own faux Incentive Trip to “Pepps Resort” (Leonie’s house at Kiama). So … Leonie & Jenny spent a few days over the last couple of months planning all the fun! Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t able to make it … we missed her! 😦

Meet & Greet "Cocktails" - Me, Erin, Tracey, Leonie - Jenny took the photo!

But … We had an absolutely SUPER time! We giggled, ate, drank, danced, sang, slept a tiny amount … and of course STAMPED!!! We had an awards dinner … and a club dance … and it was a wonderful time of friendship and fun … all at the luxurious Pepps Resort which came complete with a cabana boy to fetch and carry! – Thanks Ronnie for putting up with all the noise & nonsense … and for going out to collect our scrummy seafood lunch (Fish & Chips) … that we ate by the resort pool!  So … my camera decided to misbehave while I was away … and I wasn’t able to take any photos. But … I did take some when I got home (on Gav’s camera) … so I could show you what we did. (Of course … some photos – that Jenny & Leonie took – are fun dancing ones … but they are only for those who were there to see! 😉 … and believe me … you don’t really wanna see this fat nanna whale dancing!!! 😀 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the record … I did fill the acetate boxes with chocs! (And I only ate 3 left-overs!) 😉 There were lots of lovely surprises for us all … when we arrived! (Make sure you click “stop” on the slideshow … so you can view these gorgeous creations, properly!) 😀 Leonie had organised some gorgeous gift bags with scrummy hot chocolate dipping spoons … a little ‘table gift’ of chocs in a pillow box & a sweet ‘pillow gift’ (which appeared on our pillows just before bed) of a soap decorated with a gorgeous scalloped flower. (Smelt delicious, too!). Jenny had created a lovely individualised labels for the drink bottles … and a gorgeous triangle box gift wrapping for a Toblerone Chocolate … that we all received for being “the best roomies” at our awards dinner. I was extremely touched to receive a special award (a gorgeous potpourri cushion) as an encouragement award for reaching $50,000 in SU! sales. The girls wanted to “officially acknowledge” this milestone! (A special moment!) 😀 Erin & I had also made little friendship gifts. I found this bookmark idea on one of my favourite blogs … Denise has made several of these recently. She had a link to SCS with a tutorial on how to make these! (I have added a quick recipe at the end of this post, too!)


Corner Bookmark - My gift for the girls!

Our Make & Takes were fun! Erin did a funky Cottage Garden card with a lovely colour combo. Tracey had designed a gorgeous Medallion Christmas Card that looked so sparkly with the Gold Champagne Shimmer Mist sprayed over the top. Jenny used the pretty Potpourri Punches heart stamp & some fab embossing to create a lovely window card. Leonie’s was a sweet card using the Because I Care flower stamp … that was multi-coloured & a little shimmer paint painted on … and it had a lovely scallop trim border. And … mine is one of the cards I designed for my Stamp-a-stack on Saturday … so keep watching for a post soon with details for this card. (The Rich Razzleberry card on the right!)

Incentive Make & Takes - click this pic to ZOOM!

We also had some fun doing some sketch challenges! Leonie wanted to try some … because she has always found these diffficult to do. I think by the third she was feeling a lot more confident … and quite excited by the results. I will share the recipe details for my sketch cards … in some later posts. (Keep watching! 😉 ) I was thrilled with them … I got a chance to play with my BRAND NEW Christmas Cocoa DSP & the Welcome Christmas stamp set … that are part of the bundle offers for the “Dress up Christmas” promotion. Mmmmm… I just love these new products!

Well … I did have this post almost ready to go yesterday … but got called out to “rescue” Gav’s mum. Mum had arrived home after a cataract operation yesterday morning & Gav’s dad decided it was a great time (NOT) to have a “turn” … and ended up in an ambulance on his way to hospital. He is home again … and ok (with follow up needed) … but it meant mum had no way of getting to her follow up appointment at the eye specialist in the afternoon. I kinda had to drop everything and run into town to take her to the appointment. And … then I offered to stay with her … until we heard news of dad. (She wasn’t up to going up to the hospital.) So … at 6.30pm … I buzzed home … ate dinner … and buzzed out to Bible Study without the time to finish this post! Anyway … you didn’t really need to know all about the family dramas … so I won’t bore you with any more details.

Phew! That was a bit of a marathon post. But … I did want to put a memory of our stamping weekend on my blog. I kinda feel like this is a stamping journal … and these special moments are worth recording. (Thanks for allowing me an indulgence!) 😀 Hope you have a lovely day. I need to get my packs cut for my class on Saturday … (I had hoped to get those done yesterday, too!) … so I had better keep moving. It is also my “mum day” (with MY mum) … perhaps she will help me out? 😉 I probably won’t get back today with anything new … but hopefully tomorrow! Stampin’ Hugs xxaxx

PS: A special thank you to Jenny who sent me a disc of photos today … in a beautifully decorated case! Thanks so much Jenny for your thoughtfulness. I will treasure the memories saved in these pics … and I have added a few more to my slideshow! I wish my camera was working … I would love you all to see the gorgeous CASE that Jenny made! 😀








Best Blog Friends Forever!

Hi there my wonderfully supportive and special blog friends!

What an amazing response I have had to all my recent posts! I am not sure if you all know how much I appreciate it every time I click on comments and see that there are some waiting for me. 😀  I have always endeavoured to reply to EVERY comment that arrives on my blog. This is because I am soooo thankful that my blog friends take the time to encourage me and I want you to know that if you stop by and say hi … then I want to say “hi” right back! I have been racking my brains how I might say thank you … but somehow words don’t always express the depth of feeling that is behind them.

So … in honour of ALL those who have taken the time to share a conversation with me … or stopped to encourage me in my creativity … or taken the time to commiserate with some struggle … or giggled over a silly joke or circumstance … or even shed a little sympathetic tear … I have created my own very special EnchantINK Blog Award. This is a blog award that isn’t strictly for stampers … and I hope it will be shared FAR AND WIDE! I hope if you receive this award anytime during your blogging adventures … that you will know that it comes with much love, thankfulness and appreciation! This award is to acknowledge those who are the “BEST BLOG FRIENDS FOREVER!” (Andrea’s version of “BFF”!) 😉

Now … because this is MY award creation … I am entitled to send it out WHENEVER I choose!!! 😀 (Such power!!! 😉 ) So … even though I am going to limit the number of recipients … I will be back sometime to award this to some more friends out there in blog land! In the meantime … I do hope that those who receive it … will truly understand how special they are … and will want to send it on to their extra special encouraging blog friends. I am excited to think that this might travel all around the world! I wonder …….?????

So … my first batch of BBFFs (limit of 8 – because it is just toooo hard to limit it to 5! ) are …

Thank you to all these girls who are here constantly to support, encourage, advise, share & pick me up when I am feeling a little blue! We have shared many giggles … and stamping projects … and memorable life moments together. And … I hope that we will be “BBFF”!!! Enjoy your special award … and I hope you will share it with some of your own lovely blog friends!

Stampin’ Hugs xxxxxxx



INKspirations 4 U – Christmas Edition

Please note: This is a sticky post and will remain at the top of the page for several days. Please scroll down for recent posts!

Hello everyone!

I am doing a little happy dance! And … I have an invitation to extend! I recently received an email asking if I would like to be a guest designer for the next edition of INKspiration4U!!! It is an understatement to say that I was totally surprised and very excited!!! 😀 I have never been asked to guest design before … so this was a huge thrill! 😀 (I do think a little birdie mentioned my name to Madeline!?- Thanks Sonia!)

You can find all the details about this exciting and fun class by clicking on the INKspirations 4 U banner (above) … here is a small excerpt to whet your appetite … 😉 …

You will have 10 projects with detailed full-color step-by-step instructions. Projects are easy to duplicate, practical, and functional. You will have fun making these projects and will be able to use them for your own personal use or to be given as gifts!

Unfortunately, the deadline has passed for the “early bird discount” for this class … BUT … I do have 2 FREE PASSES to give away to 2 special people who leave a comment on this post BY THE 24TH SEPT! I will draw the two winners early on Sept 25th. AND … even more exciting … there is also the opportunity to win a BIG SHOT if you are a PAYING class participant.

The class runs from 27th Sept to 8th October … and registration ends on Sept 25th. Yes! I know … that is very soon! So … check out the website today and make sure you register before the deadline! I hope a few of my blog fans will join me for this fun adventure!  And … I just hope I am able to live up to the expectations! I am a little nervous! 😀 You can pay by paypal … HERE -> INKspiration 4 U.