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ONLY 2 PACKS LEFT!! – $10 off each TO CLEAR!!

Moving-HouseWith an upcoming house move within the next few months, I finally managed to sort through all my craft goodies and have decided to part with some much loved supplies. It is completely impossible to take it all with me … and so although it feels like I am losing an arm … I have to ‘on sell’ some of my favs! I have priced them in packs at rock-bottom prices because I am keen to post them out before I move on. I hope you can indulge a little and help me out and purchase some of these stamping packs. Hover mouse over images to view name of pack. Details can be found by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.


Please note: Packs cannot be separated.

Buyer must cover postage costs!

PostageCalcI have investigated postage costs and anticipate that it will be approx. AUD$15 (within Australia) due to the size weight of the packages. I will be adding this to the pack prices but am happy to refund the difference if the postage costs are less! (for smaller packages) If you wish to buy multiple packs or live overseas, I will need to further investigate postage. But … in the end … even with postage added … these packs are FANTASTIC value!


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As a point of reference … today’s $$ conversion to US$ is approx 1.34. So … a pack costing AU$90 will be approx US$67 and AU$25 will be approx $18.50. Postage will be more than quoted for overseas but I am happy to send overseas!

Note: These pack prices are well UNDER retail value … most are even more than 75% off. Some of the goodies are much loved but all are still in good working condition.

Ordering can be done by email to me! 😀 address: enchantink at gmail dot com. Payments must be made in advance of posting to my bank account … please email me for the details! But … please rest assured that I am keen to make room in my craft room and the goodies WILL be posted to you on receipt of payment. I already have the packs in postage boxes ready to send out! I look forward to hearing from you via email! Feel free to purchase multiple packs!!! You will be doing me a big favour!!! Now that all the hard work of sorting and culling is done … I am impatient to get these supplies to someone who will continue to create and make memories with them all! A very big thank you for your support! 😀