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Hi my friends

It seems lately that whenever I am here, I am making apologies or excuses for not being here! This year has been a struggle to juggle all I have had to do and I find myself wondering if it is time to move on and close my blog because it is just one too many “responsibilities” in my life? Sometimes it seems trivial to be posting about cards … but then I remind myself it is not just about the cards … it is about the support and community and sharing and encouraging. I have made some very special friends through my blog who have contributed much to my life. 

19D74255-F61E-46AC-B59F-BC657AC525CAThe last few months have been a doozy! High on my priority list has been spending time with my daughter, Skye, who is moving to Tanzania this coming weekend. She and hubby, Mitch are going to be teaching at an international school for an initial 2 years with the very real possibility of it being for much longer! I am sad! Excited for them but so very sad for me. I am going to miss them soooo soooo much. If you are interested in their adventure … I am including a link to their blog (it went live today) HERE.  (This post tells the sad circumstances that led them to Tanzania) … but … UPDATE: THIS POST talks about the grief that led them home after only one week. 


BUT … on top of this priority there have been other significant happenings over the last few months … including helping with packing and unpacking for 3 house moves for different (adult) children; supporting children through major life disappointments and grief;  helping with grandchildren with birth of new grandchild; 6 weeks of chauffeuring my hubby around to docs and to work due to a broken collar-bone (skateboarding at 56!); 2 weeks of also chauffeuring my son around after a soccer injury and also emotional support after the tragic death of one of his team mates … planning a wedding and a farewell and a baby shower and an 80th birthday … AND … that is on top of all my regular commitments and responsibilities! 

So … you can see why I am questioning the significance of my blog in the BIG picture of  life! 


The reality is that … friends come and go from your life … we move in and out of different work or community situations … we go through various stages of life … we discover new and exciting opportunities for helping others or sharing God with others … we are simply busy supporting our family in their busy lives.

Perhaps I need to consider the reality that life is just not allowing me the freedom or self-indulgence of a blog at the moment?? Perhaps? 

0FF35997-0A64-4C25-811C-9D47F67EA546BUT … as I cannot bring myself to make that decision … I am just going to leave it open for now. I might add some photos of my cards from time to time (as a safe place to store them for my own benefit) and I might share family news occasionally, too!  Don’t expect regular posts! I’m sorry … but I just need to let go … for a while, at least. But … please don’t give up on me! I hope to be here occasionally if I am able! 


To all my special blog friends … my “bloggies” … THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your support, encouragement, inspiration and most of all your friendship. I will always be grateful for the way you filled a void in my life when it was much needed. 

With love and hugs xxxxxxxxx

Andrea heart

PS: These beautiful paintings of friendship can be found at http://www.heatherleechanDOTcom/ladies–friendship.html