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2014 Christmas Cards … no. 11

Christmas 2014Hi bloggies!

Another week has passed! Sorry … Sorry … Sorry! Remind me that having 2 weeks holidays only 4 weeks before Christmas is not as fantastic an idea as I thought it was! I came back feeling like I was soooo behind the 8 ball. 😯 And … I have been playing catch up ever since! I finally got all my cards written and posted today! Yep … a bit late! 🙄 I have also been out nearly every night … have had to mind the gorgusses (grandkids) 4 out of the last 10 days … and have spent 14 hours non stop doing these …….

(YEP! I AM AN IDIOT … to take on such a project less than 2 weeks before Christmas!!!)

And … we have also had a couple of celebrations including this one …….. click pics to view slideshow!

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind … but I am going to sit and do a few scheduled posts to get the rest of my Christmas cards for this year up on my blog. I don’t have the time to stop and chat … so the posts will be brief! Sorry! I hope to get back to some normality after Christmas … and one of these days … I will stop by my feed reader and check out the 486 posts waiting for me to view! Maybe I will even comment on some??? (Sorry again!!!) So … onto today’s card …

Xmas 2014 8 (4)This one was such a delight to make … super easy stamping … and then some added bling!

Xmas 2014 8 (3)I used a couple of old retired SU! snowflake sets for this card. I needed some smaller images so I didn’t overwhelm the card with images that were too big. This was another CASE! Card Inspiration: One of my favourite blog friends — Monika Davis! I did a slightly narrower version … but the ideas are all Monika!

Have a great day! Off to upload some more photos! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart

Xmas 2014 8 (2)



Musical Interlude!

Tongarra Country Fair 2014Hi bloggies!

I am just popping by to add a couple of photos from our school fair on Saturday. Those of you who have been with me for some time will know that Skye is the musical one in our family. She has even had a lead role in a local theatre company musical as well as performing regularly at school and church events. I was totally surprised recently to find out that Sandy can actually sing too! He was talked into performing (nagged) in the school talent quest by his music teacher and did really well for his first ever public performance. His teacher convinced him to perform at our Country Fair last Saturday … and he did two songs with his music class band. He played guitar and sang lead vocals. Well … to say I was surprised at his talent was an understatement! Of course … he is not experienced or as ‘polished’ as a performer as Skye … but it was a proud mum moment, just the same!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also were thrilled that Skye was asked to return to her old school and do a 1/2 hour set on stage at the fair. She asked Sandy to accompany her on guitar … and also one of Sandy’s classmates, Eden to play her violin. WOW! It was a fantastic combination and Skye performed beautifully! For the first time we managed to get some video footage of her … including one song that she wrote herself! It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and listen to the musical performances! Both kids will be so embarrassed … but I can’t help sharing a couple of photos with my blog friends! Thanks for humouring me! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black Heart


Skye’s 21st Cake Topper

Skye's 21st Cake Topper Jul'13 (1)Hi everyone!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!? Ours was full but happy! Chloe’s (Shane’s girlfriend) 21st birthday brunch on Saturday morning was followed by 2 wins at soccer (both our teams). Sunday was church … lunch here with all the family … afternoon tea here with some special friends and lotsa cuddles with Seth!

Skye's 21st B'day Cake (1)I am just stopping by quickly to share a recent project … the topper for Skye’s 21st Birthday Cupcake Tower. I had a little fun with this one! Sorry the photos of the cake aren’t much good … they were taken on my phone! Aren’t the fresh daisies a pretty touch to the cake!? 🙂

Better go clean up my desk … been doing some bookwork and made a couple of urgent b’day cards! See you again soon!

Andrea butterfly girl small


Skye’s 21st Birthday

Skye's 21st (4)2013-07-03 Skye's 21st dinner (4)Hi bloggies!

Have spent the day in the kitchen, preparing for Skye’s 21st party that is on tomorrow night. (Fri 5th) I am knackered! Skye was a big help … and we managed to do all that I had on my list! 4 meals, 1 dessert, 2 slices, 2 dips, corn pancakes, 72 cupcakes!!!!! Tomorrow I still have to do a couple of dips, and ice & decorate the 72 cupcakes. I am making a tower of cupcakes for her Birthday cake. I have already pre-cooked mini burgers, hot dogs & fries, too! It is to be a Country Western Square Dance party … should be lotsa fun! I thought I would pop by quickly and share Skye’s birthday card.

Skye's 21st (3)Skye's 21st (2)I had lotsa fun with this one. It was CASED from a Pinterest Card … but I did add some little extras to the original design. All the letters and numbers were created on my computer using Publisher. I printed them on the DSP and fussy cut them all out … added some faux stitching with a black marker & sponged around the edges with ink. The flowers are from the Vanilla Flower Trim (SU!) and I sponged some Calypso Coral ink onto the edges to colour them. Skye's 21st (1)Lots of Iridescent Ice embossing on the letters & numbers to add some pretty sparkle. Yes … it did take some time … but well worth it for a special birthday for a special girl!

And … here is a photo of our baby girl … with her new fiance, Mitch at her birthday dinner last night! (Wed 3rd) We are so proud of her and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Well … I am a tad tired … so might have an early night. It is going to be a busy day & a late night tomorrow!

2013-07-03 Skye's 21st dinner (6)I do hope all my US friends are having a wonderful 4th of July! I imagine you are all at family celebrations. Enjoy! Hugs xxx

Andrea butterfly girl smallSkye's 21st recipeSkye's 21st (5)


BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Well Scripted T&J'13 (3)Hi Bloggies!

Skye & Mitch are engaged (15th June, 2013)

Skye & Mitch are engaged (15th June, 2013)

I am so sorry you have had to stare at that same card for a whole week! I like to post more often … but I tell you … life is just constantly throwing me curve balls! I have some BIG NEWS!!! Skye (3rd daughter – 4th kid) & Mitch are GETTING MARRIED!!! Yes … the big proposal happened on Saturday morning … and we are so thrilled for them both! Mitch is perfect for our Skye! 🙂 And … they are SOOOO happy!

Skye's engagement ring

Pretty Engagement Ring that Mitch chose!

Mitch & Skye at Sheree & Murray's wedding last December

Mitch & Skye at Sheree & Murray’s wedding last December

Mitch organised a very romantic ‘sunrise surf’ & cliff top breakfast picnic. Skye was completely surprised because we had been so careful not to let on that Mitch had talked to Gav about a week & a half before! So … no … it wasn’t a complete surprise to us! They had been talking about it for a few months now! 😉 BUT … I am in the throes of organising Skye’s Country Western 21st party on 5th July … and suddenly had to start thinking “WEDDING”!!! They are keen to be married before the end of the year. I am not so sure that is going to happen! But … we at least need to get a venue booked … and then can take a little more time with other decisions!

Anyway … I thought I should share a card. I didn’t make this for Mitch & Skye … but it seemed appropriate to share an engagement card with you all

Well Scripted T&J'13 (1)Well Scripted T&J'13 (4)The “Congratulations” is silver embossed. The rest is pretty self explanatory! I have to acknowledge help with the design from Loll Thompson. This was CASED from her gorgeous card that I found via Pinterest! Any stamping I am doing at the moment is urgent & CASED!!! Out of necessity! I was beginning to think that life was going to slow down … with Stacey’s baby due on 1st Aug (and she finishes work on 5th July) … so no more Bree baby sitting!!! 😥 😥 I will miss her being around! And … with Skye doing some of my (Gav’s) bookwork to earn some money … life was easing! How wrong was I!!! 🙄  🙄  😀

Anyway … must go … I need to prepare for my first lesson (teaching) at EFL (ESL) next week. The regular teacher is away … and I am filling in … GULP! I am really enjoying ‘helping’ in class … but … hhhmmm … not so sure about the teaching thing! Plenty of other jobs to do, too! See you when I can! Hugs xxx

Andrea butterfly girl smallWell Scripted T&J'13 recipeWell Scripted T&J'13 (2)


Debbie’s Masterpiece

Hi bloggies!

Do you remember last year I showed you this amazing card??? I have another gorgeous masterpiece by Debbie to share with you again this year! I am always so touched and excited to receive one of Debbie‘s original creations! I am so in awe of her talent & PATIENCE! Please take a moment to pop by her blog and make sure you have a cuppa with you … because it won’t be a short visit!

Here is the Christmas Card I received from Debbie this year!

Wow! This is special … and must have taken hours to create! I wonder how many of these gorgeous creations Debbie sends out ..she must start making her Chrissy Cards in January!!!! 😉




The main  picture really doesn’t show how gorgeously sparkly this card is. I have tried to capture it in these photos but they still don’t do it justice. Debbie’s cards always have so many little details … unbelievably pretty! Thanks Debbie for your kindness in sharing such a beautiful card!

So … one last pic … my kitchen was taken over by Stacey & Skye yesterday. They decided to make some gingerbread houses for Christmas “from scratch”. Yes … they rolled and cut their own dough & then put them together … and decorated them. Took hours … but it was a fun day. Lots of giggles! I got the very pleasant job of keeping Bree happy … but then I also ended up with the big clean up … cos they ran out of time! (Skye had to go off to work at 6.30pm) So … here is a pic … they were pretty tickled with them!

I am off to make my Christmas Cassatas … remember … I shared the recipe with you all last year! I hope I can find something to share with you tomorrow!!! Hugs xxx


On a more positive note …

Hi there bloggies!

Skye is home!!! Yayayayaya! (As Leonie N would say!) I wanted to do something special for her b’day so we arrived at the hospital with some “Coke Zero” (Skye’s fav) decorated with happy birthday balloons and ribbons … and a vanilla cupcake from Michel’s! One of the other patients in her room had also bought her a hazlenut latte and some black forest cake from the kiosk as a treat! (Thanks Menka!) 😀 The nurses and patients in the discharge lounge had all sung “Happy Birthday” to her when she woke up! So … even though she woke up in hospital for her b’day … she was still made to feel special. After being told on the phone at 9am that Skye would have to wait to see the “ONE” physio that was rostered on yesterday because they were “flat out” with ICU patients … it was such a surprise to arrive at the hospital at 11am to find that the physio had had a few moments to spare while doctors were seeing their ICU patients and had managed to get up and do Skye’s assessment after all! Within 15 mins we had all her stuff packed up … the discharge notice signed … and we were on our way! 😀

Friday (Maternity Ward): After a bad night ... it was lovely to have a smile from Bree!

What a difference a day makes … Skye is doing so well now … she is even getting really brave about the weight bearing … and can TAKE HERSELF to the toilet!!! It is amazing … after helping her with this for 2 weeks … what a relief it is to know she is able to start getting back to normal! I think I am going to be amazed at how quickly she bounces back now! (How quickly the mother bounces back … is still to be seen!) 😉 She has colour in her face … and is smiling again!

Saturday (Discharge Lounge): After getting over the disappointment of not coming home ... it was nice to have a few visitors!

Mum is not doing so well … she has been really struggling with a lack of energy … and the wound infection has been making her feel really ill. The doc today has finally recommended a blood transfusion to help. I am sure this will make a huge difference … and soon she will be feeling a lot better. He has also suggested that she spend a couple more days in hospital … and then a couple more in rehab to “catch up” on what she hasn’t had the energy to do. So … she probably won’t be home for another week. But … I do think a couple of days … and she will also start to bounce back!

Sunday (at home!!!): A birthday BBQ with ALL the family (21 people) ... even my sis & niece from Q'ld. 19 candles!!!

So … I have a special card to share today … it is the card that my sis Christine made for Skye for her birthday. Skye loved this one! (My card for Skye is a creation for the next INK4U! session challenges … so I wanted to keep it to show you later … once the new INK4U! session is running! — More details soon!) So … I don’t have a card recipe for this one … I could have made one … but I didn’t want you to think that this was my card!!! 😉

Well … I am determined to have a quiet day at home today! It is the first day of school holidays for Sandy but he is happily playing the Wii (Stace & Jono kindly lent it to Skye while she was stuck on the lounge!) The thought of a whole day at home is soooooo lovely! And … you never know … I might even get some stamping done!!! 😀 But … first … I am off to help Skye have a shower!

Thanks for all the lovely messages you have all been sending. Another thing on my “to do” list … is return the favour and catch up on some blog hopping! C U all soon! Hugs xxaxx


Gotta make this quick!

ADDED SUNDAY 3rd July  9:30 am: It is Skye’s birthday … and she is still in hospital!!! The physio finally came at 12.15pm yesterday … she hadn’t eaten since breakfast … she was due for pain relief … and of course … these were not the ideal circumstances for dealing with the assessment. We had to sit her in a wheel chair a couple of times because she felt dizzy and faint … on the way up to the 4th floor physio room where she practised with crutches on the steps. We were just about to make our way back … when Skye felt very faint … her face went totally white/grey … and she collapsed into the chair and blacked out. Total rag doll! 😦 So … the physio quickly wheeled her back to her bed … and took her blood pressure … and got some orange juice into her. She was fine again … after about 10 mins. But … yep … you guessed it … no PASS to come home! She cried!!! 😦 We had been told that discharge patients get priority for physio clearance when they are going home … but Gav has just rung the hospital this morning to be told that the physio will not be down until later in the day … because they are “flat out” in ICU! The discharge lounge (where Skye has been since yesterday morning) is meant to be a “transit” lounge … but there are 2 other ladies who also had surgery on Thursday … and also went to maternity … who are now in the lounge. One of the roomies is “mobile” … and she popped down to the kiosk to buy Skye a hazlenut latte & a cupcake this morning for her birthday! How kind! 🙂 So … we will go again and wait! And … hopefully Skye will pass the physio assessment today and be allowed home. I am tired … after spending 30 hours at the hospital over the last 3 days. And … I am sad that Skye is in hospital for her birthday … but I know that God has her in his hands … and she will come home at the right time. Hugs xxaxx 

Saturday 2nd July …

Hello bloggies!

I was hoping to post a card … but time it my enemy at the moment! I still haven’t made Skye’s birthday card … and her birthday is tomorrow. I thought I would share a VERY quick and limited update on Skye … and hopefully … if she comes home today … I might have time to show you her Birthday Card later this afternoon!!!????

Poor baby was scheduled for 10am surgery on Thursday … but … hospitals being the way they are … she went into pre-op at 12.45pm … and into surgery about 2.30pm!!!! She was back in recovery around 4.30pm. But … of course … we had to wait … and wait … and wait  for a bed to be available on a ward before we could see her. At 7.30pm … after several phone calls … they finally allowed Gav & I into recovery because they had yet to find a bed for her! At 2am Friday morning … she was sent to the Maternity ward!!! Now … I do want to add … the nurses in Maternity did what they could for Skye BUT … they are midwives … not orthopaedic nurses!!! Skye had some difficult experiences … such as being left on an overflowing bed pan for 15 mins … and vomiting and swallowing it back down (7 times) … because the nurses hadn’t brought a fresh sick bag for her. It has not been easy. And … no matter how much a mum can try and prepare her baby for the pain … I don’t think teenagers ever really know what to expect. Because she was in maternity … she didn’t get the hourly ice packs … or the exercises in bed. She was supposed to be assessed by a physio to come home … and we waited all day … and finally they came at 7.30pm last night. By this time she was sooo tired after a noisy night in recovery … her blood pressure dropped when they tried to “walk” her … and it was decided she had to stay another night. On the one hand … I am feeling let down by the health system … and on the other hand … I am so thankful for the health care that we do have in Australia! I felt like stamping my feet last night … but I know it is not the poor nurses fault … and I don’t want to take it out on them. The hospitals need more beds … and more nurses! (You all know what happened with Dad during his palliative care!) Anyway … we are trying to be positive for Skye … as she is struggling with the whole experience. I just had a message from Skye (just this minute) … to say they needed the bed in maternity … and she has been moved to the discharge unit! I wonder if the physio will find her there??? 😦 

Mum has also had a couple of hiccups … the latest is some infection in her wound … so she wasn’t able to come home yesterday. Hopefully she will be home on Monday! 

Well … now that Skye has messaged … I want to get going … to try and get to the hospital a little earlier. (I was aiming for 11am visiting hours.) I am hoping there won’t be any delays today … and Skye will soon be home again!

Take care … and THANKS SO MUCH for all your concern & thoughts for us! Big hugs to everyone of my bloggies!!! xxaxx