How CUTE is this?????

Hello bloggies … and … a special hello to all my new blog subbies!!! (message for you all below!) 😀

I am so glad to be here! 😀 I have been getting withdrawals … because I have hardly been near my computer over the last 3 days! No blogging … no “blurfing” (blog surfing) … no challenges … SIGH! 😦 It is always a little tricky when you have house guests … and with kid b’days happening … we have had a houseful right over the whole weekend. I am surprised to find myself home alone this morning (Mon morn) for the first time in I don’t know how long! 😀 I thought the school holidays would mean it is easier to find time for stamping and blogging … but … although our routines are less structured and more flexible … there does seem to be many more distractions & activities going on! Somehow a mum’s “desires” don’t always come first!!! (Go figure!) Like I didn’t know that after 25 years of mothering! 😉 So … stamping … blogging … and keeping in touch with my blog friends seems to be taking a back seat at the moment!

Anyway … I am here now … with a CUTE CUTE card!

This was a card we were working on at midnight … at a recent stamping day (with Leonie, Jenny & Tracey). I can tell you … by the time midnight had arrived … and I was trying to colour these images in … my eyes were going “cross-eyed”. (You can tell by the standard of the colouring here … not my best samples!) I am definitely NOT a “late night stamper”. Don’t look tooooo closely at the colouring! 😉 Perhaps when I am not so busy during the day … my late hour tolerance will improve??? 😉 But … I still had to share this card with you … because it was soooooooo adorably cute! No … I don’t have this stamp set … but it is definitely on my wish list now! Leonie shared this idea with us … but she found the inspiration on SCS by Joanne Travis. Link for original card. Joanne’s blog. I put a slightly different spin on it … but basically it is as Joanne designed! Isn’t it fun!

I just wanted to take a moment before I go to say hello to all my new blog sub friends! I have been overwhelmed with the number of recent subscriptions to my blog … and each time I open a notification email for  new sub … this brings a big smile to my face! 😀 So … I have had lots of happy smiles recently. 😀 I do hope you will all say hi (via a comment) at some point … and I am so thankful for your interest! My blogging adventure has been such an exciting one … and I have met so many special and treasured friends from blogging & I am grateful for the blessings they all bring to my life. So … thanks for subscribing … giving me a thrill … and I do hope you enjoy visiting!

One last thing … I was doing a little happy dance when reading my comments last night. A couple of my bloggies let me know that I had received an “Honourable Mention” for Makeesha’s recent Inkspirations Colour Challenge! How super special! Thanks Keesh (&  the girls) for giving me another THRILL! It was very special to receive this award! :d

See you all tomorrow with a fabulously beautiful project – a photo frame + matching card. Hugs xxaxx


  1. Oh WOW Andrea – this is FABULOUS!!! I’ve always loved these stamps but you have brought them together in such a special way – LOVE the lantern card – may be pinching – oops – CASEing that idea from you – LOL
    Andrea adds: Oh Debbie … I can’t take credit for any of this … except the lame square bits & a bit of sponging!!! The rest is all Joanne’s! But … feel free to CASE away! Hugs xxaxx


  2. Jess Doyle says:

    Oh my! That is one adorable card! Makes me want to purchase that stamp set straight away 🙂
    Andrea adds: Yes! Made me feel the same, Jess! Definitely on my wish list now! But … so is the bird punch, owl punch, blossoms punch … etc etc etc etc etc!!! 😀


  3. Gabbi says:

    You are right about this – SO CUTE! It is just gorgeous, and I can appreciate how much ‘colouring’ was involved! Great colours too. 😉

    I like Shane’s birthday card – I would find these tricky colours & an even trickier layout, but you have done a lovely job!

    Congratulations on your honourable mention – such a beautiful design deserves such credit. 😛

    I have found another fabulous blog 😀 – I don’t know if you have heard of Valita from
    Her work is amazing, and she has a gorgeous bible text at the end of each entry – so inspiring!

    I hope you have a lovely day.

    Thanks for sharing.
    -Gabbi 🙂
    Andrea adds: What a lovely blog … you are sooooo right! I will be pop back to have a good look asap! Thanks for sharing it with me! Hugs xxaxx


  4. lisa808 says:

    Andrea, this card is super cute!!!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Lisa! It was super fun to do! (If only I could have seen a little better when creating!) Hugs xxaxx


  5. SandyT says:

    I love your blog, especially your recipe cards. What a great idea.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sandy! I often wonder if anyone uses them …. but it is nice to know that they are helpful. Hugs xxaxx


  6. Congrats on the honorable mention, well deserved! Fi x
    Andrea adds: Thanks Fi! I was so excited to get the mention! Hugs xxaxx


  7. Maryanne says:

    what a cute card – don’t have that set – but am getting ideas to use one of the blossom sets instead – definitely case this one.

    thanks Andrea.
    Andrea adds: Ooooh! Yes … I imagine that Eastern Blooms might be a great set for this lantern card. Hhhmmm … thanks for the idea, Maryanne! Hugs xxaxx


  8. Lynda says:

    Guess I had better comment after all the ones you JUST left on my blog…hee hee hee!!! I saw this on leonie’s blog and it is SUCH a cute idea. I thinks your version soars (lame lantern ref) and I do love the colouring round the outside. Can’t comment re the other colouring…till I learn how to colour properly myself. However…if this is a late night effort….dayligh colouring must KICK BUTT!!
    So glad you got some time to blurf and create. Recharged the battery huh?? (gotta go….being sneaky at wk again!!) Take care. ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! So glad I got to visit today. Have cured my withdrawals … and now off to try and do some stamping! Talking about lanterns … you have GOTTA TAKE YOUR GIRLS to see Tangled! (you will understand the link when you see the movie!) They will adore it!!! Christine & I took our girls on Saturday … ages 25, 22, 21, 19,18!!!!!!!!! We loved it!!! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  9. Sandra A says:

    Too cute! Love it!!!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Sandra! I am still trying to resist buying this set! Hugs xxaxx


  10. Melissa says:

    THis is far too cute Andrea, I have been telling myself I truly dont need that stamp set *sigh* another addition to my wish list., love the lantern too 🙂
    Andrea adds: Oooh! Me too, Melissa! (Sigh too!) How do we resist??? Hugs xxaxx


  11. Kim S says:

    It is TOTALLY cute! I don’t have any stamps like that or I would be CASing your lantern right now!

    And..I am ashamed to admit that when I saw the Inkspirations winners, I oohed and aahed over your entry, but didn’t notice that it was yours!! Congrats – it was gorgeous.

    I have been amused by all of your bdays. My kids are on 12/29 and 1/4. They actually had the same due date. I’m thinking you and I should have done a little better job at spacing things out!!
    Andrea adds: LOL! Something we have in common, Kim! Thanks for the congrats … I was thrilled! I have entered so many challenges … with very little success … so every win is such an excitement for me! 😀 Perhaps it is the stunning competition! I should find a challenge that is for the “creatively challenged” … perhaps then I will win! Giggle! Truthfully … I don’t enter for the “prestige” (win) … I enter for the fun of the competition and to share an activity with stamping friends! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


  12. Monika/buzsy says:

    How cute? Super cute! Love how you used circle… great colors and textures Andrea. :o)
    Andrea adds: LOL! Thanks for responding to my question! 😀 Will message about the baker’s twine! Hugs xxaxx


  13. Annette says:

    Your lantern card is awesome. I love it. In the first 2 photos where you show pieces of it it looks so real!

    And Congratulations on your “Honourable Mention” for Makeesha’s recent Inkspirations Colour Challenge!
    Andrea adds: Hi Annette! So nice to have you visit again! Thanks for taking the time to say hi! And … thanks for the enthusiastic comments! Always good for my ego! 😉 Hugs xxaxx


  14. Sonia G says:

    I love the card that Leonie showed you! It’s super fantabulous! I am not really a Japanese/Chinese type gal, but this was too cute!

    Congrats on all your new subscriptions and welcome to them! You will not regret it! Andrea is a legend!

    Well I can’t understand why you ONLY got an Honourable Mention! 😉 I mean that folder is simply delightful! Oh well!

    Andrea adds: What a faithful bloggie you are … to feel “put out” for me! But … truly … I am thrilled with an Honourable Mention! Thanks for your support … I do hope my new bloggies enjoy their visits! (and say hi!) hugs xxaxx


  15. This is just so cute Andrea. I am sorry that I missed out on doing this one. I have been looking at this stamp set lately. It is so cute and so different to anything else we have!
    Well done on all your new blog subs. Everyone certainly comes away with inspiration when they visit!
    Catch you soon,
    Love Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: Hi Jenny! Yes … you shouldn’t have gone home early … you missed a good’un! Mind you … I was waaaaayyyy past it … by the time I was creating this one! 😀 Hugs xxaxx


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