Hi bloggies!

I  am having another B-A-D day with my computer! It is taking about 15 mins to load a single page. Seriously … sometimes I feel like chucking my puter out the window. Why … oh why … is it always my computer that has the probs??? Anyway … just thought I would pop by (using Shane’s computer) to let you know. I can’t post any card photos … because the pics are all on MY computer! So … what to show you instead???

I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs with you!

Click on the pics to visit the websites …

Kim S - Joyful Creations with Kim
Denise M - The Paper Landscaper
Monika D - M.A.D. Stamper
Donna C - Butternut Sage Designs
Helen H - H2 Designs
Debbie P - Debbie P's Place
Paula D - Stampinantics
Leslee H - Leslee's Creative Inspiration

Well … I do have plenty more … but will save them for another day! I hope you enjoy visiting some of my blog friends. I  will go and get some bookwork (non computer stuff) done. And … hopefully I will be back tomorrow with something creative! Hugs xxx



  1. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, girlie! You are the best! Thank you for showcasing my blog. You are truly wonderful!
    Andrea adds: Hi Monika! So happy to feature such a fabulous blog by a fantastic friend! Hugs xx


  2. Kim S says:

    I am so sorry you are having a bad day…but you made MY day when I popped in and saw my card!!

    I hope that computer of yours starts behaving!
    Andrea adds: Yes! It is driving me nuts! Thanks for caring! Hugs xxx


  3. Gabbi says:

    I loved checking out the other blogs.

    Sorry your computer is frustrating you – ours is playing up too … so draining!!

    Hope you can stay inside today, and not get flooded in!!

    Hi Gabbi! Was supposed to going out for lunch with my stamping buddies … but we decided it wasn’t really safe enough! Hugs xxx


  4. Helen H says:

    Thanks Andrea, you are such a sweetie! Apart from the computer issues, hope you are have a wonderful week. Hugs 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks Helen! I am sure it will be lovely! Hugs xxx


  5. Lynda says:

    TFS these blogs sweetie. I so often see their names with the comments, but I don’t get a chance to have a sticky beak around their wk. Hope the gremlins ease off soon. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Hi again … yes … there are some special ones here! Hugs xxx


  6. Melissa says:

    some great choices there Andrea, some I visit already, but some are new – a lovely thing to do xx
    Andrea adds: I do love popping by these blogs for inspiration! Glad you enjoyed them! Hugs xxx


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