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Cute Baby Romper Card


Best of Brides & Babies R&HG Jun15 (7)Hi bloggies!

I am back with the cutest … most adorable … baby romper card I have seen around the web world! If I have found an idea to CASE … then I always always like to give credit to the original designer. I have had a little trouble tracing this one back to it’s original … because my search has taken me in circles!!!

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Stampin’ Up! – Best of Brides and Babies

I originally found this inspiration on ……   PINTEREST … and there a link led me to —> SCRAPBOOK EXPO …. who gave creative credit for these cuties to —> “a very talented Polish gal Katarzyna Cegielska” … and I searched this blog until I found the original photo here –>  KATARZYNA’S BLOG … Now … this is where it gets tricky because I had to use google translate to read her blog!!! So … I am unsure how accurate the info is … but …. KATARZYNA says in her blog post that “For more information on their origin can be found HERE” … and the link she gives takes me to —> NA STRYCHU. It is unclear (again via Google translate) who they say created these cards … so … instead … I googled the watermark on the original photo “ARTSCRAP.PL” … and I arrived back at KATARZYNA’S BLOG!!! So … I am going to conclude that Katarzyna is the original designer … unless someone else tells me otherwise!!! 😀 Phew! 😉


I am also pretty annoyed with myself … because I CREATED A TEMPLATE for these rompers because I couldn’t find one anywhere. It was FABULOUS! 😀 I had it all ready to photograph and put into a PDF file to share with you … and now I can’t find it anywhere!!!! 🙄 Rest assured … if I find it … I will come back and add it! In the meantime I will keep searching! 😦


Baby Romper template


UPDATE: 14th April 2016 … I found it during a clean up of my craft room! CLICK HERE to view & print PDF template!

Well … longer than usual … but for good reason! Hope you are all having a great day!


Andrea Gold Black Heart


8 thoughts on “Cute Baby Romper Card

  1. beautiful, love the cards, looking forward to the template.
    Rene from OZ xo


    • Thanks so much for taking the time to say hi, Rene. I am still struggling to find the template … am beginning to wonder if I have thrown it out by mistake! But … will keep looking! xx


  2. Oh my Andrea….these wee things are HUGE on the stinkin’ cute-o-meter!!!!!! Love them. I have 2 wee bubbas coming in April and June…..(insert cogs clunkin’). Eagerly await ur PDF darl ooxx


    • I have searched and searched, Lynda … no luck yet! Darn it! It will probably be like the earrings I bought for Stacey’s birthday last Jan (2015) then put them away and didn’t find them until last week. So … I missed 2 birthdays!!! It will turn up … in a couple of years time!!! Sorry. Will definitely come back and add and send another comment if I find it. Hugs xx


  3. Absolutely adorable. 🙂


  4. Hi Andrea, these little rompers are “totes adorbs” (something my gorgeous daughter says frequently lol). Fingers crossed that you find your template, so I can whip up some myself 😉 So glad you are back and I dropped by your blog to see all your news and creations. Cheers Donna Z 🙂


    • So nice to see you again, Donna! It has been fun doing some stamping & blogging! Hope I can keep it up! 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs xxx