Happiness is stamping with friends!

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For a Friend …

Butterflies LizJun14 (4)Daisy Heart LizJun14 (4)Happy Watercolour LizJun14 (4)Misc Verve LizJun14 (5)

Hi Bloggies!

Sorry … it has been a little while … hasn’t it! Since I got back from holidays I haven’t stopped. It was a busy week. But … I decided to stay home this afternoon from soccer and try and catch up a little! I managed to write & address 5 sympathy cards, 2 new grandparent cards, 2 birthday cards, 1 baby card. I spent time ordering some supplies for some cards I am creating for a special project … some supplies for activities for Bree … a magazine sub for a present … and several other jobs on my “to do” list. I still have a couple of cards to make (including a 1st birthday card for Seth) … but decided that I just had to stop and pop a post up before I made the cards! So … here I am! :)

Click on each picture to view better detail …

I thought I would share a few cards that I “bulk made” (4 of each) to give to a friend who needed a stash of cards. She is a mum of 3 littlies and likes to send out encouragement cards to friends, family and church friends … but doesn’t have much time to craft. So … I thought these might be a help to her. It was fun seeing them come together … and was nice to hand over a little pile of goodies to my friend! I hope she is finding them useful.

Note: All my designs … except for the 1st & 2nd … which were CASE-d from a lovely cards I found on Pinterest. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! Hugs xx

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Hello from Dolphin Point!

Create a Cupcake TioneJul14 (4)

Hi bloggies!

My view as I post!

My view as I post!

Just a quick one … because I am not keen to spend too much time on the computer … when I only have a week of holidays to enjoy! This is our first holiday in 12 months … and we have only just managed to get a week … BUT … we are VERY thankful for such a blessing! It is just what we needed … a week of doing nothing and just relaxing by the beach. Yes … it is the middle of winter … but … we are at the little beach side cottage at Dolphin Point that we have visited several times now … and it is so comfortable and warm and has wonderful views of the surf and entrance to Burrill Lake. The weather hasn’t been great … but WHO CARES!!! (It has cleared up this afternoon!) We are having a lovely time.

Create a Cupcake TioneJul14 (1)

Create a Cupcake TioneJul14 (3)I am sharing a card today that I made for our niece’s 11th birthday this month! I had fun with this one! I am excited to see a new cupcake stamp set in the new SU! catalogue. I am keen to get that one … but resisting at the moment. :wink: I still have some of this gorgeous SU! DSP … can’t remember the name of it … and I as I am 2 hours from home … I can’t go and find it! I matched the colours of the cupcakes to those on the DSP and added some pretty bling for the frosting!

Create a Cupcake TioneJul14 (5)I also had to decorate the inside of the card … because the edge was cut away around the cupcakes. It is a fab look … and I must try this again. I also used markers to do a multi colour sentiment on the front & inside of the card — another fun idea for a pre-teen girl’s card! My inspiration was from Pinterest … with thanks to Cindy Hall.

Dolphin Point July14

Dolphin Point July14

Well … time for dinner. Gav has been so wonderful … giving me a week off from cooking & grocery shopping. He has been looking after it all! Now … that IS a real holiday! I haven’t had to even think about it! Yes … he IS  keeper! I think after 31 years of marriage … I probably won’t trade him in now! :wink” The boys are here with us, although, Shane is only here for 3 days during a work shift break. Stace, Jono & the 2 kids and Sheree & Murray were able to come down for last weekend … so we have had most of the family here for some of the time. (Skye & Mitch had other commitments this week.) It was VERY quiet on Monday with just me, Gav & Sandy!

Hope you are all having a great day! See you when I get back from holidays!
Hugs xx

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Hearts a Flutter

Hearts a Flutter S&M engage Aug'13 (3)Hi again!

Hope your day is a happy one! I am enjoying the school holidays … although … it seems to be disappearing rapidly. We have a week booked down the coast next week … but without internet access I probably won’t be able to get online to post! I thought I would quickly share a couple of cards today before I go and get organised for the day! :D My two gorgeous grand kids will be arriving here soon. Stacey has very reluctantly gone back to work this week after 12 months maternity leave. I will be minding them every Wednesday & 1 Monday per month. I love having the time with the kids … and it does create a really special and lovely bond … but being so tired at the moment I do hope I can keep up with them. At least we can have a complete relax next week and come back recharged for the rest of the year! One week is definitely NOT enough … after no holidays for 12 months … and all the stressful events of this year. BUT … even though we can’t really afford it …  I am very thankful that we can have this week! Gav was very insistent that we get away (after my shingles returned recently)!

Hearts a Flutter S&M engage Aug'13 (1)

Hearts a Flutter S&M engage Aug'13 (5)This was one I created awhile ago … and had prepared a card recipe ready to blog. You can find it at the end of this post! I think this has to be one of my favourite colour combinations … I have yet to see a ‘dud’ card using these colours. I am dying to do some stamping … as I have a gazillion ideas pinned to Pinterest for colour combos & layout ideas. I seriously have to STOP pinning! I have enough ideas for the next 20 years! You guys are certainly a constant source of inspiration! This card was a CASE via Pinterest … you can find the original PIN HERE! (Thanks Korin!)

I have another to share … this is a sweet little birthday card I made for a special friend. Again … the inspiration was from Pinterest! I seriously have to stop pinning! It is at the ridiculous point that I can’t find anything I have pinned! :D Found it …. CLICK HERE!

SC Apr14

Well … that’s all for now! If you missed my first post today … scroll down to my earlier post for some samples using the new SU! Blendabilities alchohol markers! See you again soon!

Hugs xxxAndrea butterfly girl small

Hearts a Flutter S&M engage Aug'13 recipe

Hearts a Flutter S&M engage Aug'13 (2)



Skye’s Birthday

Piano Card SkyeJul14 (1)

Hello again friends!

I promised a card … and here I am with 2! If any of you have followed my blog for some time you will know that Skye is a very talented singer/musician. So … I thought this year I would give her a birthday card with a bright funky music theme! Skye had her 22nd birthday last week and we spent some lovely time together.

Piano Card SkyeJul14 (2)

Piano Card SkyeJul14 (4)This image was coloured using SU! markers (not the new blendabilities). I hadn’t actually got my parcel of SU! goodies before I had to make this card. But … I do hope we get some more “pretty” blendabilities colours soon! The range is pretty limited at the moment! I’m not sure if you can see the “Dazzling Details” on the candles, stars & cupcake … but it looks really pretty IRL. This was a partial CASE from Pinterest … CLICK HERE for the original design. Skye & Mitch went to their ‘best man’s’ wedding on Saturday … Mitch was groomsman! It was a freezing cold day up at the Southern Highlands of NSW … a good excuse for Skye to wear the gorgeous “Forever New” coat that we gave her for her birthday!

Skye & Mitch 5Jul14

Sorry … no card recipe for this one! (I need to check the stamp names & will add to tag list asap!) Instead … here is another card for some further inspiration … CASEd from Pinterest -> CLICK HERE!

T'you for Liz (5)T'you for Liz (4)

This is one of a series of Thank You cards I made for a friend who needed some to give away. I made four of each design. I will show you the others that I made for my friend another day! Hope you are having a great day! Hugs xx

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SU! Blendabilities!

Hi bloggies!

Just a quick one … I will be back later with a card! I had a play on the weekend with my new SU! blendabilities … and was quite surprised by the results …

2014-07-07 Blendabilities (1) (1024x678)

I had spent a little time viewing a couple of helpful videos … and also found a great list on Mary Fish’s website … which pretty well summarised the conclusions I had come to as I worked with the pens!  MARY FISH – “7 Rules for Blendabilities Markers (especially for beginners)”

  1. Use Memento Tuxedo Black Ink (132708).
  2. Don’t worry about light sources and angles.
  3. I use the fine point end for coloring and blending.
  4. Protect your work surface from ink.
  5. Start with the darkest color.
  6. Leave lots of white space open to fill with the lightest color. 
  7. Work one area at a time (one leaf, one petal).

Mary has a video that explains all these hints. I found it was better to start with the darker colour except when I did the skin tones. For skin – I prefer to colour in with the lighter pen & add then depth & highlights using the deeper tones. When starting with the darker colour … make sure you follow hint no. 6. You can always go back and extend the darker sections … but it is harder to remove colour if you want it lighter! I actually did “lift” some of the colour from the orange section of the coffee jug because I extended the darker colour too far! Be careful using the colour lifter pen … it does make the momento ink bleed a little.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MY BIG TIP FOR BLENDABILITIES: Don’t colour in straight lines but use “raggedy” strokes & curves when adding the colour … then where the two colours “meet” make sure you blend the lighter tone back into the darker tone to blend the colours better! Keep adding lighter ink over the top of the darker edge until the “line” disappears.

So … all in all … I was quite impressed with the new pens. I am far from being an expert on alcohol markers (having never used any other brand) … but after reading several blogs / facebook posts that were rather negative … I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to work with. Perhaps the reality is that my efforts are not as great as I think they are??? :roll: :?:

Anyway … just thought I would share my little insight into the brand new Stampin’ Up! Blendabilities … hope it is helpful!

Andrea butterfly girl smallHugs xx



2014-07-07 Blendabilities (13)

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Anniversary Cards

Adore GavMay14 (3)

Hello bloggies!

Adore GavMay14 (4)It is school holidays! Yay! I ALWAYS appreciate the break from normal routine when the school holidays come around. I realised this week that I am half way through my 24th year as a school mum! Yikes! Yes … that is a lot of school lunches! (Mind you … my dh has done the lunches for the last couple of years! … even though Sandy is perfectly capable as a 16 year old of making his own lunch!!! :wink: ) Anyway … I guess you can see why the break from a 24 year routine is always welcome. I have so many plans & ideas floating around in my little brain … it is time to sit down and spend some time getting them out of the brain and into reality! Thankfully, a little time stamping recently for a couple of needed anniversary cards has helped the process. :D

Adore GavMay14 (1)

The card (above) is the anniversary card I made for Gav back in May. It was our 32nd anniversary! As I always say … “yes — I was a child/bride!!!” I am having fun with some new dies that I bought recently … but have realised that it doesn’t matter how many dies you have … there is always another out there in the stamping / cardmaking world that you feel you just HAVE TO HAVE! Sadly, the $$$ don’t always support the perceived ‘need’! :wink: The background of this card is graduated ink using a couple of different tones of ink & a brayer to spread the colour across a piece of white cardstock. I do love this effect.

Adore KenNeenJun14 (5)

The following card was for my sister & brother-in-law’s anniversary … just this past Sunday ….

Adore KenNeenJun14 (1)

Adore KenNeenJun14 (3)More fun with the same die set! This one is from Frantic Stamper … and is called “Adore 3X4 Photo Card”. It has the frame die + “adore” die + 2 sized hearts! I tried a technique that I have seen many times before … where the die cut piece is inset into the background. Super easy … but looks really effective IRL! (in real life) This photo shows the hearts inset into the Crumb Cake background.

Adore KenNeenJun14 (4)In this photo … the “adore” is actually simply glued to the background paper … and not inset like the hearts were!

Gav & I very impulsively decided to go to the St George/Illawarra Dragons footy match last night at WIN stadium. (Wollongong) Going out on a brisk windy winter’s night is not really my cuppa tea … but some of the kids were going and I just felt like some fresh air. It was fun to catch up with some friends … and fun to watch the boys of the family cheer for the girls team for a change. (None of their favs were playing … so they actually “had to” support our team!) And … yes … we won! Sandy was at a mate’s place & so missed out. He will be MOST annoyed when he finds out we went without him … because St George IS his team too!  Well … just home from a funeral … and off to help a friend unpack after her house move. Will try and catch up here again soon! Have a great day! xx

Hugs xxx

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Adore GavMay14 (2)

Click for better detail!

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Adore KenNeenJun14 (2)

Click for better detail!


Click for better detail!


Time for something pretty!

Hello again bloggies!

Being on the lounge resting for a couple of days has meant a little time for blogging! I thought I would share something pretty today … because my recent posts have been distinctively MALE! Here are a few cards I have made over recent months for some special people in my life. There are no card recipes … because I wasn’t sure I would be blogging them … but if you would like any details just pop a request in a comment and I will let you know!  Make sure you click on the first photo to view as slide show to see all the details! 

You can see I had some fun colouring images … some are done using my SU! markers but I have also coloured some with my Prismacolour Pencils. I have just bought the brand new SU! blendabilities … can’t wait to have a go and see how I manage the alcohol blending markers!

Images used:

  • Sheree & Murray’s Anniversary card – Stamping Bella “Uptown Couple – Emily & Ryan under the Umbrella”  CASE: Kim O’Connell
  • Tania’s Birthday card – Stamping Bella “Uptown Girl – Isabella loves her Ice cream”
  • Skye & Mitch’s Wedding card – Stamping Bella “Uptown Couple – Bree & Brenda get married”
  • Stacey’s Birthday card – Tiddly Inks “Wryn & Friends” (clear stamps not available until Sept)
  • Sheree’s Birthday card – Stamping Bella “Uptown Girl – Posh has a Present”
  • Bree’s Birthday card – Whiff of Joy “Henry Celebrating Mouse”
Jono & Stacey

Jono & Stacey

If you are interested … I have just published a back dated post for 16th Dec, 2006 with some photos of Stacey & Jono’s wedding. I realised that I wasn’t blogging at the time of their wedding but was keen to have a record of this special day here on my blog. You can click on the photo in the side bar or access them HERE.

I have a stamping day here at my place today with Leonie & Jenny! Sadly Tracey can’t make it! I am not feeling fabulous … so probably will do more talking than stamping … but it will be so nice to catch up with my stamping buddies! Hope you have a great day!

Hugs xx

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World Cup Soccer

PRC Soccer MB'13 (3)

Hi bloggies!

I couldn’t resist sharing this card with you considering the World Cup Soccer Championship is currently running in Brazil. My boys are soccer fanatics … especially Sandy … who can tell you all the players from all the European teams as well as those starring for their respective countries at the moment. The boys have been up at 2am to watch the Socceroos (Aussie soccer team) play their three matches. They were in an extremely tough pool … and were not expected to win any of their matches (which they didn’t) … but they played well above themselves and did us sooo proud! Sandy has been taping matches & getting up each morning at 5am to watch as many as he can! Thankfully it will be school holidays next week … so he will be able to watch all the semis & finals to his heart’s content without interfering with school!

PRC Soccer MB'13 (1)

PRC Soccer MB'13 (4)All our boys (Gav, Shane, Sandy, Jono, Murray & Mitch) play together in a Christian Soccer League (social comp) and we spend about 5 hours each Saturday afternoon at the soccer field for the two matches. Sandy plays goalie for 1st division & striker for premier. Gav, Jono, Muz & Mitch all play in premier & Shane in 1st div. The uniform cut out that I designed for this card was based on their uniform! :) The pants were cut from black cardstock & the shirt from orange with the black designs drawn on using a black marker. It was a fun card to make.

And … here is another bonus card from my photo files. (I still have a mountain to share!) I made this one with 2 different colours for the base card. This was CASEd from a card I found on Pinterest … it was designed by Margaret Moody. Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret! :)

B'day Ian Scott Jan'14 (1)

And … just one more quickie … a card I made for Sandy’s birthday this year. He is doing music  as an elective at school and enjoys playing guitar at church too! I am a HUGE “I’m in Haven” fan and get a lot of ideas & inspiration from Lisa A’s designs. This is another of her fab creations and is almost a copy of her original. I used a different embossing folder. Her original design can be found here –>  I’m in Haven.

SBL CZ Apr14

I have been working on a project using several of Lisa’s ideas … and hope to share some of them with you all soon! Well … only one recipe for this lot … you can find it at the end of the post! My shingles pain has flared up over the last couple of days. But … I really can’t complain … I did get off pretty lightly with the severity of my case! And … it gives me an excuse to sit, rest & catch up on some computer stuff! See you again soon!

Hugs xxx

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PRC Soccer MB'13 (2)

PRC Soccer MB'13 recipe