Stacey’s Explosion Box

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How gorgeous is this! My eldest daughter, Stacey, has created this “Explosion Box” as a gift for some friends who are moving away (to Victoria). She wanted to give them something to remember all their friends from youth group! I have seen these boxes before … but have never attempted one myself. When you remove the “lid” from the box … the base unfolds to show pages of photos sitting inside each other! A very clever creation! Stacey was shown how to make this by my “downline”, Julie A (who is also Stacey’s mum-in-law!) Wow! Julie … you should be doing more classes! Stace really enjoyed making this one.There are lots of examples of these on the web. So … just google “explosion box” if you need details of how to make one!

And … one day … when I get a spare minute or two … I will make one and do a tutorial for it! But … don’t hold your breath!!! 😀

ADDED 28TH DEC 2008: I have not yet found time to do a tutorial for this great explosion box … but have had several requests for one! I promise … sometime soon! But in the mean time I have found two sites with great instructions for you to follow!  I hope you find them helpful! BUT … please come back & visit me again! I love to meet new friends & welcome new  & regular visitors to my blog!!

Life as Lou

Scrapbook Crazy

Oh … and by the way … I have decided to create a new Category on my blog called “Blog Reader Contributions”. 😀 So … if you have something special to show me … particularly done with SU! products, then why not email me a photo so I can include it here on my blog!!! What a great idea! I am sure there are some very clever & inspirational creations that YOU can share with us! Don’t be shy … we would love to see your projects!

Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea

PS: This is the first time I have tried loading a series of photos as a “gallery” … and I haven’t worked out how to change the size like you can when you load photos individually! Don’t forget to click on the photos if you would like better detail.



  1. Julie Andrews says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Jon brought Stacey’s box to show me last night. I thought she had done a fantastic job.(I think I liked it better than mine!). They are really fun to make, and not hard, the hardest part is picking out your photos. Its a great way to use photos where one person looks good and someone else in the photo doesn’t. Stacey’s box has inspired me to do another one.
    Love Julie A.
    Andrea adds: Make sure you send me a pic so I can add it to this post! I love seeing creations made by my blog friends!


  2. Jessie says:

    Andrea adds: Hi Jessie! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I love this box, too! My daughter is very clever!


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